Are you ready to get this par-tay started?!

Listen closely for what to expect on this 7 week journey with us. Get ready for massive growth and impact. Commit wholeheartedly to this program and keep your accountability partner close! Let’s lift each other up and stretch to be our next best selves. We believe in this program. We believe in you. We love you. Let’s do this! 


This week our focus is to uncover more of why you are here, and how life has happened FOR you. How your story has led you to your purpose and to USE YOUR VOICE. There is only one you. And we need you.


This week is all about remembering why we are doing what we are doing and getting to a state of constant gratitude. It is here that we will truly be able to enjoy this journey AND get the results we really want.


Whenever I am feeling lost, stuck or uninspired it’s because I think I am doing this alone. I forget I’m not. It’s time to ask for help and it’s not from your upline or downline, it is help from God. It’s help from your source of light and life, however you refer to it. To truly get where we want to go we must align our soul’s purpose with our business purpose. They are not separate.

As we fully step into co-creating what we feel in our hearts that we are here to do, we can SEE even more what we are capable of and know it is within us. We will become magnets for what we want and be instruments in His hands for what He wants.

Did you know the top leaders in this company include Him in every decision? Did you know the owners of doTERRA begin every group meeting with a prayer? If this company is inspired and so needed in this world, so are you. We need you.


In this business sometimes we make it all about the rank. We wrap our identity or happiness around what rank we are or {should} be at. Not cool. This will never bring the feelings of what we are all after and why we build this business. BUT (and a big BUT we might add…;) it IS important to not stay small. But rather RISE UP and see new heights, to grow personally and become who we really are on the inside. To lead. To use our voices and our stories. To get underneath our leaders and believe in them more than they believe in themselves. To spark a change.

No more wasting time worrying about what others want for us. What do WE WANT!? What is our soul desire for ourselves and our business?

Only after we answer this question can we make a plan to get there. 💕


This week is all about spreading LOVE! Love for yourself and love for your team! Really consider what is needed this week when implementing the challenges. Remember to also have MORE FUN this week than any other week. Become a farmer and take time to nurture yourself and your team. You will be amazed at the FIRM AND SOLID foundation you will be creating.


This week is about stepping into a new level of leadership and using your voice in new ways. Your team needs you.
Only you can provide the insight, inspiration and intuitive leading that all your experiences in life will provide you. YOU are the leader.
We can’t be everything to everyone or be perfect in ALL areas of leadership. BUT we can grow and develop and become our own kind of amazing.
We can do things that scare us and show our team that we are willing to do what it takes. We can learn what our deep core, soul strengths are and LEAD with them.
We can step into God’s spot light and see ourselves the way He sees us.
We believe in each one of you. We believe you have more to offer the world and that you have been hiding parts of yourself a bit. 😉
It’s time to come out of the hiding and give the world and your team all the goodness that only you have to offer!


Emotions were flowin’ today! Last week of Spark brought some tears. We love you guys. Like SO SO Much!! Give it your all this week! 💕

It will stretch you, grow you and help you see {even} more what you are made of.

** This is an old program we are no longer running. it is purely for self- paced to motivate and inspire you. There are no prizes or contest currently running.