Spark 5.0 Table Talks

Kyle Kirschbaum – Using Your Facebook Profile to Expand Your Business.

Laura Pasternak – Take Responsibility for Your Business.

Meredith Kelly How to Unify Your Team and Boost Performance

Windi Rifanburg – How To Attract Builders.

Yolanda Koole – The Art of Not Quitting.

Lisa Wilson – Become your own booking agent.

Becki Ruh – Self Care

Spark 4.0 Table Talks

Kyle Kirschbaum – Expand your market online & offline.

Lisa Wilson – The “proper” launch to engage, inspire & keep new builders.

Kimberley Milousis – Placements

Dawna Toews – Emerge

Meredith Kelly – Taking personal responsibility for your biz.

Laura Pasternak – Rank Advancing

Ange Peters – What your next rank is asking of you?

Spark 3.0 Table Talks

Kyle & Kierston Kirschbaum – Rank Advancement

Lynn Gines – Diamond Club

Emmanuelle Duce – How to get someone started.

Laura Pasternak – Reaching outside your warm market.

Lisa Wilson – Getting more Wellness Advocates than you can train & attracting heart based entrepreneurs.